I love the warm and sunny days of summer. My favorite time of the year is Christmas. I adore the tranquility of a life in the countryside. I crave the hustle and bustle of the city. I dream of a life traveling the world in a caravan. The image I have of my perfect future is a large and comfortable house. I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur. My ambition is to be a full-time mother. I like ripped jeans, t-shirts, and military boots. My favorite clothing piece is a blazer. My favorite color is black. If I were a color, it would be pink. Between the beach and the countryside, I choose both. My dream destination varies with the season. Sometimes I talk non-stop. Sometimes I don't even respond. I'm not affectionate. I love hugs. I am the life of the party. My favorite plan is to stay at home. I love freedom. I need protection. I am brave. I don't like going alone. I prefer security. I always choose risk. I am strong. I cry easily. My head is always in the clouds. My feet never leave the ground.

Catarina Crespo, Founder and General Manager apuro + quei

Apuro + Quei is inspired by all the women who reside within us.

Born from the perfect symbiosis between apparent paradoxes, we create classic but cool pieces; trendy but timeless; with impeccable quality but affordable.